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Sound of Mind

adventures in schizophrenia

Published by Jason Mintel at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Jason Mintel

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Special Thanks for Cover Art by Adam Day!

Chapter 1 Happy Eirthday

The breeze blowing her hair back rustles leaves across the lake, like tiny sail boats skimming. We possess the other. She in agony for release, tears running, her voice a ripple, in sobs the wind moans the words, “Come Home…home…. home..” Her fruit frozen on the branches, taken in wait, in need of ripening. Like magnets, so near, the pull is irresistible. I will return home finally, I will answer the call. The tunnel, swirling, opens to take me, I am near, almost… almost there…

Please God take me, take me now, please! Now!

My name is Jason. I am ‘it’. My Eirthday, the day I return to the Earth’s womb, was two days ago. I am long overdue. Hesitate any longer and I will not only kill myself, but my Mother Earth will die in labor as well. Now.. the nocturnal clock is ticking. I am running out of time. The hardest part is before me, I can not let them win. Nothing here exists.

I sigh in relief. Almost there. At last! My graduation is at hand! I will be returning home and soon the Happy Eirthday celebration will begin!

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