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The Ginkgo

An Intellectual and Visionary Coming-of-Age

John Janovy, Jr.

Copyright © 2010 by John Janovy, Jr.

Smashwords Edition

for Norma

A monotypic genus . . . the single living species is sole survivor of one of the most interesting families . . . in early times the family was almost cosmopolitan and was even represented in the forests of . . . the Jurassic period.

Seward. The Times

March 5, 1936

The University of Berlin, Friedrich Wilhelm University, was originally a palace, a tomb of gray stone . . . Today, it stands proudly across from the Opera . . . It calls itself Humbolt University, and the statues of the two Humbolt brothers, Alexander and Wilhelm, the two scientists who converted the palace into a university a century and a half ago, guard the gates. In the courtyard, there is also a tree that was planted during the Humbolts’ lifetime, a ginkgo tree.

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