Max Sheridan


Pulpier than a box full of blood oranges, with the best, weirdest father/son road trip this side of a Waylon Jennings song.” —Joshua Corin, author of Nuclear Winter Wonderland

At some point in their lives, everybody in Dillo has been tossed to the curb or run over by a bus, and Sheridan’s action-filled, father-son road trip is that much grittier and truthful for its hard-leather characters. A wicked new voice in crime and noir. A story that pulls you deep into the thorns. Writing that sings.” —Jack Getze, fiction editor Spinetingler Magazine

The elements are all here: A memorable cast of characters wherein even the minor actors are given weight, a compelling and original road story, the precise amount of description to keep that southwestern sun bearing down on your shoulders at all times, and a fluid prose that allows the reader to turn the pages with the ease of an El Camino cruising across a battered American highway.” —Alec Cizak, author of Down on the Street

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