Leena smoothed his cheek with her hand, and Taurin let a deep sigh escape his lips. Her touch was like an angel’s kiss. His body burned, and it wasn’t from the heat or the energy he’d expended. He burned with desire for the beautiful woman nurturing him. His gaze scanned her face. Her expression, full of concern for his welfare, moved him deeply. Looking into her eyes, he thought he had never seen anything so pure in his entire life.

Leena,” he murmured.


She stood on the edge of her bunk to be eye level with him. He reached out a hand to cup the back of her head. Her hair felt like spun silk, and his resolve evaporated. He’d been able to push away from her at Hathers Beach, knowing it wasn’t right for him to steal kisses regardless of their legal relationship. But now he drew her toward him until his mouth hovered inches above hers.

The words escaped his lips before he could stop them. “I want you.”


Nancy J. Cohen



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