Before the Darkness

J. Dawn Light

Copyright © 2011 Jessica D. Lightfoot

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Daneeka frowned at the creepy sensation that caused goose bumps to pop up along her back and arms. What was it about dark streets in the middle of the night that made her feel less than safe?

She wasn’t afraid of the dark, but she was terrified of what could be in the dark. Being a supposed mythological creature herself, she knew all the horror filled possibilities, and by the way her hair was standing on end, she was about to meet one of those possibilities.

A dark figure stepped away from the wall of a brick building. The shadow of the awning she had been about to walk into, pulled back from his body revealing a skinny, pale man with ratted brown hair. “Well hello pretty lady. Can I help you with something?” Vampire. That explained the heebie-jeebies.

“No, you can’t vampire. I have places to be and you’re in my way.” She knew it wouldn’t be that simple, but it gave her time to work the magic into her hands so she could zap him when he decided to make the move.

The disgustingly skinny bloodsucker slowly circled Daneeka; making her have to turn with him so he couldn’t get behind her. “Ah, so you know what I am?”

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