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It was just a geyser

The moon gleamed on the pool under the boardwalk, the ripples growing into small waves as the vibrations magnified. A splash, another splash, this one bigger than the first, a chugging racket that sounded like the propellers on an airplane about to take off.

The earthquake, it had to be an earthquake, hit like a giant pounding a sledgehammer. The boardwalk – bounced. With me on it. It was like riding a bucking bronco. I grabbed the edge of the boards and hung on. Grand Geyser’s pool was churning like a crazy thing now. Water hit me on the back, the heat soaking through my jacket and shirt.

Then it all stopped. “That was a helluva ride,” I said into the suddenly still darkness, the moon glimmering off the still sloshing pool.

Everything seemed to be holding its breath. Not a bit of movement, except the water draining under my feet. Not a sound, not even a breeze in the trees. I took a deep breath and started to get up.

That’s when the big one hit.

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