by Elizabeth D’Onofrio

Little Pebble Press

M. M. XI.

*Smashwords Edition*

Charm of the Gloaming

Copyright © 1991 and 2011 by Elizabeth D’Onofrio

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Smashwords edition / December 2015

ISBN 9781465791177

The Khryterdon Saga

The Saga chronicles two noble houses in the land Khryterdon, a medieval kingdom on the shores of the Oriome Sea. The royal House of Magneric has reigned over the kingdom for more than 150 years. The noble House of Meinrad rose from modest origins to rule the Duchy of Grenechey.

The Saga begins with a love story: Book 1 Distant Eyes. At the edge of womanhood, Princess Sabrina Magneric meets newly knighted Sir Holbrook Meinrad. Love follows quickly but so does separation when the princess must sail across the sea to wed a foreign prince. Sabrina embarks on several journeys: the most important one takes her inside her heart to learn her life’s purpose. Yet, resentment has also been building against her father King Roderick for keeping Sir Holbrook away from her. To win back her affections Roderick gives her an unprecedented gift, but it is one that has perilous consequences for the next generation.

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