When I Lied was a roller coaster for me. The highs were so high I felt my heart might take flight; the lows made me feel as if there were a literal hole in my chest. The dichotomy of Kate and Oliver are what really sold this for me. Too much light and you get burned, too much darkness and you wither away.”

—Sarah Arndt, A Literary Perusal

“Michelle has captured the raw and elusive beauty of true love in all of its heartbreaking glory and she does it with a soulful flair that will leave you smiling through tears.”

—Autumn Davis, Agents of Romance

“When I lied is unlike Michelle's other books. While equally as good, this story is quite different. This riveting story will take you on Kate’s journey where one seemingly harmless lie could quite possibly ruin someone she’d give anything not to hurt.”

—H.P. Davenport, Author of Unspoken Words

“Finish your work. Run your errands. Order pizza for dinner…because once you pick up this book full of twists, turns, and little white lies turning into big, bad regretful ones, you will NOT want to put it down! Michelle Kemper Brownlow, once again, had this reader glued to every word!”

—Jillian Stein, Read Love Blog

“I love me some Michelle Kemper Brownlow. Another great read!”

—Holly Baker, Holly’s Hot Reads

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