“I know I’m in for a fantastic time when Gabi’s name is on the cover!”

Darynda Jones, author of the Charlie Davidson series

“Gabi Stevens has created a vibrant and accessible world full of magic that is found not only in a physical way, but also in the bond that is created when you find the people in your life, be they friends, lovers or mentors, that make you shine as an individual.”

Lindsey Seddon, The Romance Reader

“An incredible story filled with romance, suspense, and some utterly delightful magical beings.”

Detra Fitch, Huntress reviews

“Gabi Stevens tackles the question of loyalty versus love and where to draw that line. Thankfully she doesn’t allow her books to become too serious. I love her sense of humor which shows through in so many of the situations her characters find themselves in.”

Fantasy Romance Writers

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