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The Waiter by Mike Bozart (Agent 33) | Dec. 2017

The Waiter

by Mike Bozart

© 2017 Mike Bozart

Tim, a somewhat husky; mid-40-ish-appearing; dark-haired; olive-skinned; mixed-race American waiter, was a bit of a joker – an odd joker – at a very popular Italian restaurant in east Charlotte (NC, USA). He would often share his strangely amusing, twisted, self-disparaging riddles and conundrums with us. After bringing the drinks to our table, he decided to lay a new one on us (Monique, my wife, aka Agent 32, and I, Agent 33) on this chilly mid-December (2017) Thursday evening.

Why does the restaurant owner stay in the kitchen?” Tim asked us without any discernible emotion.

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