Smoke & Fire

by Linda Jordan

Copyright 2011 by Linda Jordan

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Smoke & Fire photo licensed by Deposit Photos

Photo by Alexander Kuzovlev

Smashwords Edition


~Smoke & Fire

~About Linda Jordan

Smoke & Fire

Seraphina stood at the entrance to the bus tunnel, trying to see what followed her. She hid behind the flow of moving bodies, but couldn’t make the vague shape out. It was human-sized and shaped, but insubstantial. Translucent.

She slipped into the crowd, following the crush to the platforms below, trying to stay hidden. When her bus pulled up, she got on and went to the back. Had she eluded it? Plunking the large bag, which contained her costume, on the seat next to her, she sank back and watched who entered.

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