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Rebekah and the Dead Fly

by Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011 Kate Everson

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There was a fly on the kitchen window. Every morning it was there, halfway up the window. Every morning Rebekah would get out the fly swatter and kill it. She picked up the dead fly and put it in the garbage.

The next morning it would be back. Exactly in the same place. Halfway up the window. She would swat it again, and put it in the garbage.

Was this a new fly in the same place every day, or the same one back from the dead?

“Okay, I believe in reincarnation,” Rebekah thought. “But why doesn’t it come back as something else? It must get sick of being a fly. Especially when it keeps getting swatted.”

Suddenly, Rebekah realized what it was about that fly that bothered her so much. It never changed. Nothing was ever different. It was like her life, the same thing day after day. When would something new ever happen?

That night she dreamed about a place where everything was different and she was changed too. She was not just plain Rebekah, but a magical creature with gossamer wings. She could fly! She had become a beautiful orange butterfly!

She fluttered high in the sky over flowers and fields and even treetops. There was nothing so lovely as her! Her life was one magical moment after another.

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