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Why this sampler?

It's another way to spread the word about who we are and what we do. You may find some of your favorite authors in OPENING ACTS. You may discover others who will join the ranks of your favorites. Either way, we hope you'll want to read more! If so, just follow the links included after each selection to order or download the complete book.

So why these authors?

These twenty-five are just a few of the nearly two hundred members of, and they all have work that is available for ordering (or pre-ordering) now. Future samplers will give you a peek at the works of some of the others, so keep your eye out for forthcoming samplers from SFNovelists!

What can you do with this sampler?

Read it! Enjoy it! Share it! Spread it far and wide! Just don't charge any money for it and it's all good.

The Acknowledgments

This sampler would not have been possible without the behind-the-scenes work of:

Laura Anne Gilman, who organized the author information.

Joe Nassise, who transformed disparate files into a coherent e-book.

Jenn Reese, who created the cover art.

And, of course, all of the writers who graciously allowed us to feature them in the volume!

Table of Contents

7th Sigma

Bone Shop

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