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The War of Blood and Bones

From Kenneth Guthrie’s Book Show


Kenneth Guthrie

(Smashwords Edition)

From Kenneth Guthrie’s Book Show

Rin: Thank you for coming on the show today, Lerk. It’s wonderful to have you here today.

Lerk: It’s an honor to be here today, Rin. I really enjoyed your part in the Symphony of Angels. You played an excellent cursed hero facing off against all odds to save the day.

Rin: Well, I wouldn’t exactly say ‘save the day’. Chances are in the second book the humans of my world will have to face off against some terrible adversaries.

Lerk: Sounds positively evil.

Rin: (Laughs). Yes, indeed. I know a lot of readers will be looking forward to the next installment.

Lerk: I’m sure.

Rin: So, let’s talk about you for a bit. How does it feel being the hero of the final book in the War of Blood and Bones?

Lerk: Good, good. You know, my agent wasn’t sure if I should work with Kenneth Guthrie, the author of this series, after that fiasco from the first book with Lark.

Rin: I hear he still hasn’t shut up about that, even though the author apologized to him profusely.

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