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Chapter One

I let the stroke of my brush take over me and felt each new color down to my soul as I applied it. The sense of excitement I had from seeing Sam Cole eluded me. When I left the coffee shop in the rain on my black Ducati, with him standing there, I was so pumped full of adrenaline, I did the only thing I knew how to get it out of my system. And that was to paint.

The canvas I selected for this piece was as large in presence as the man that I just left. It was six feet by six feet in length and I was using predominately dark colors in cool shades, because that was what Sam Cole reminded me of. He had dark black eyes, pitch-black hair like mine only cut in a short military style and his skin had seen some sunny days. His six-foot plus frame came encased in solid lean muscles and his square jaw had a set about it, as if he was extremely serious. That was until he laughed and then slight dimples set upon his cheeks and his eyes seemed to light up. I loved watching him, but I had mostly only witnessed his sexual smile from afar. This morning I witnessed it up close and very personable. Too personable for me.

I had woken that morning to the sounds of construction coming from across the street from my loft and art studio. I knew that sound all too well in the last few weeks as Sam Cole worked with a construction crew to open up his business. A Harley motorcycle shop, in the heart of the industrial downtown business district, across from my art studio and apartment. My street consisted of mostly industrial businesses; a plumbing supplier, a mom and pop hardware store, two design studios - but they didn't live in theirs and several empty buildings. That is until Sam Cole came a knocking as if my place was for sale. Which it wasn't and I promptly informed him, not so nicely.

I remembered that day as well. I had on nothing but my long white painter shirt on that hit knee length and black silk panties. I remembered the way I opened the door expecting a package of paints and brushes to arrive and instead there stood Sam Cole. Looking like the devil of sin himself. He eyed me up and down very quickly and then focused on my eyes. Very gentleman of him but I felt every trace of those eyes on my body.

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