And Ryan does, taking it without complaint as Teri works him over, bringing herself right to the edge of orgasm while doing so.

Holy fucking shit,” Teri growls as a massive orgasm begins to wash over her. She stops bouncing on Ryan and is now just pushing her hips down on his cock, driving it as deep as it’ll go inside of her. She stops smacking him too, instead wrapping both hands around his neck and squeezing tightly as she cums.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screams as the wave washes over her, sending juices squirting out of her pussy and causing her body to tense up. She holds onto Ryan’s neck until the orgasm passes, then finally lets it go.

Air rushes into Ryan’s lungs and his face starts to regain its color.

Wow, that was fucking incredible,” Teri says, smiling down at him. “Are you okay?”

Ryan nods. His lips are even turned up in a little smile.

Wait a minute, did you actually enjoy getting beat up like that?” Teri says, her grin growing wider.

Yeah,” he says. “I think I did.”

Interesting,” Teri says, drawing the word out as she files that little factoid away for later.

Most of the young men she takes advantage of can’t stand relinquishing control. It’s rare to find one that does.

So are you ready to cum yet?” she asks.

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