Are you sure about that?”


Grinning madly, Molly says, “Let’s find out.” Folding the dildo over, she slides the other end into Tammy’s asshole too, essentially giving her a double anal.

Ohmyfuckinggod,” Tammy moans, the words barely audible. Apparently this isn’t what she was expecting.

Is it too much?” Molly asks.

No,” Tammy says, barely able to get the words out between deep breaths. “But it’s damn close.”

Here,” Molly says. “I can help loosen you up.”

As Tammy grunts and moans with barely disguised discomfort, Molly lies down on the floor, her back to the carpet and her head towards the ceiling. She slides her body underneath Tammy’s, facing the opposite direction, her face right below Tammy’s pussy, her feet beneath Tammy’s face.

Lifting her head up, Molly starts licking Tammy’s pussy, running her tongue up and down the length of it.

Is that better?” Molly asks.

Much,” Tammy says. There’s still discomfort in her voice but definitely less of it.

Good,” Molly says before slipping her tongue further inside Tammy’s pussy. After a half a minute of eating Tammy out, Molly’s hand comes up to work her friend’s clit.

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