Smiling, I went after her G-spot with aggression, applying more and more pressure to it as I worked my fingers back and forth inside her as quickly and intensely as I could. My cock was still sticking straight up; it was just as hard as it had been while Eve was sucking on it. Getting a girl off excited me almost as much as a girl getting me off. I’d always been like that.

Eve’s pussy was dripping juices and she was bucking against my fingers with her whole body, forcing them deeper into her pussy with every thrust. She was practically screaming now, her eyes wide and face red from exertion.

I decided to up the ante even more, sliding a third finger insider her, eliciting another gasp and more frenzied bucking from Eve and propelling her ever closer to orgasm.

Smiling, I slammed my fingers into Eve a few more times, until she was right on the verge of cumming. Then I gave her one final finger-thrust and held them there, deep inside her, filling up her pussy, pushing my fingers up against her as she squeezed her muscles against them.

Eve’s body started to shake and a guttural growl escaped from her throat as her body tensed, her pussy squeezing even tighter against my fingers before releasing a flood of pussy juices as she came.

As soon as her orgasm passed, Eve grabbed my arm and brought my hand up to her face and stuck his fingers in her mouth.

Goddamn I taste fucking good,” she said once my fingers were clean. She had a big grin on her face.

You don’t have to tell me,” I said, smiling right back at her. “I already know.”

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