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Day 1

Today started out the same as the days of recent past with me thumbing through the want ads looking for a job. I have been repeating that same routine for some time now. My wife already left for work and our 7 month old son was still asleep. Since I have been unemployed for the last 4 months it has not been easy for our family. My wife though always tries to put on a good face and not let the stress wear her down. She is a tough woman. Her job alone barely covered our expenses, thank god at least one of our cars was paid off. The other car was not paid off unfortunately. We had to sell that car and ended up taking a bit of a loss on it as well. But it was one less payment to make. The piece of crap Wall Street scum pillaged the world and here I am stuck holding the tab. At least my wife was praying for better days, I had all but given up.

Five months ago I was a computer programmer for medium size brokerage firm here in Arizona. Life was good. But then the economy crashed hard taking a whole lot out with it, including my job. The low paying jobs won’t hire me because I am over qualified and the good paying jobs are far and few between. Makes me wish I would have stayed in with the Air Force, at least I can earn some money while bombing the snot out of some shit bag at 30,000 feet.

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