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I.C. Thruit

Dedicated to the prisoners of war, and the heroic activists striving to free us all.

This is a work of political persuasion and media criticism. Every word contained herein is purely the opinion of the author, a summary of news or other media, or a quotation deriving from documented speech by another party. All people and events mentioned in this book are already the subject of media reporting and have been presented in other venues. Nothing in this volume should be construed as an endorsement of illegal behavior, or discouragement of it. Nor ought anything contained in any part of this work be regarded as legal advice; the author is not an attorney, and no attorney has endorsed any part of this writing. Legal theories are presented for the sake of argument; try them in court at your own risk. Good luck, however.

WARNING: These thoughts are insubordinate and subversive. The author and publisher intend to incite insight with this publication. We are not to be held liable for what our readers may do after being helped to see through it. If you are a member of law enforcement, or employed by the State in a court or prison setting, please go to and join the organization there, if you have not already, before reading this book. Welcome aboard! Together we can end this awful perversion of Justice.

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