In fact, the way I figure it, the sooner he cums the better. Because then he’ll feel guilty about finishing up so quickly after he’s stuck his dick in me. Which means that later, after dinner, I’ll exploit that guilt to push his limits even further.

So I slip down to my knees so I’m straddling him and start riding him faster, bouncing up and down on his cock, my ass slamming down into his balls at the bottom of every thrust.

I put my hands on his thighs and lean back, changing the angle of penetration, tilting his cock backwards, increasing the pressure. I slide my pussy up and down on his cock a few times then start riding it in a circular motion.

I know he’s right at the point of cumming but he’s still holding back. He’s got more control than I expected. So I decide to take advantage of his submissive qualities to help him get there more quickly.

Still bouncing on his cock, I lean forward and wrap one hand around his neck, choking him while I fuck him.

His eyes widen and his smile returns. I can tell from the way his body is moving against me that he’s getting close. Time to put him over the edge.

Going back to the well once again, I slap him across the cheek with my free hand. He starts breathing faster. I slap him again, still choking him with my other hand and still bouncing aggressively on his cock.

He has to be close to cumming but still he’s not giving in. Which is good because riding and choking and slapping him all at the same time has me right on the verge of orgasm once again.

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