The Beginning:

Thoughts and Recollections

of Terry Dactyl

Brian Leo Lee

Published by Brian Leo Lee

Smashwords Edition



Brian Leo Lee


Copyright 2011

Brian Leo Lee

The moral right of the author has been asserted. All rights reserved.

Memories of long ago, do they come as a flash, a sudden thought from out of nowhere. Do present days' experiences jolt you to a time when you were much younger?

Are you happy to relive those thoughts or do you try to hide them by pretending they never happened. Can you be sure that they really did happen to you, or are they figments of your imagination, to be manipulated as you please.

Occasionally, do you try to piece together your life so far? To link the events which may have had positive or negative effects. Which even now, today, you might wish had never happened. I have and this is what I remembered about my early years.

Terry Dactyl

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