Noelle let her saliva drip into Rueben and began to massage him.

“Oh look who is being the bad boy now.” Noelle teased.

“No I’m not…” Reuben gently cooed back.

“Oh yea you are.” Noelle slapped at Rueben’s ass.

“Oh really?” Rueben laughed.

Noelle sucked his cock again. “Yes.” She said flatly. “You are.”

Noelle grabbed at Rueben’s balls and squeezed ever so carefully.

Rueben felt her and it was like he was aching inside. But his cock got even harder.

“You like it.” Noelle said. “See?” And she slapped his ass again.

Rueben grunted. “More.”

Noelle pulled his cock upwards and nibbled at his sac. “Ah…oh!” Rueben exclaimed.

Noelle laughed and then grunted. Elias had pushed both himself and the toy hard and had begun to play with Noelle’s ass hole. “Elias! You’re the bad boy!” Noelle exclaimed.

“Is everything okay baby?” Elias asked.

“You dirty, dirty man!” Noelle laughed flirting. “Its okay baby, you can play. Just no entry tonight. Okay?”

“Now where was I?” Noelle ran her hand down Rueben’s ass crack. “Oh I was just about to fuck you” she laughed and pushed at his ass with her hand.

“Another time, different place sister!” Rueben exclaimed.

“You didn’t say no!” Noelle laughed and moved to sucking him.

“Hey you’re the one with the experience.”

“Gotta be a first time somewhere baby”

“I’m not saying no, hell I never say no to you. But you need to make my first time special.” Rueben joked.

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