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Table of Contents

1: Introduction

2: What is Humanism and Why Should I Care?

3: A Short History of Humanism

4: Gratuitous Name Dropping

5: No, I’m Not A Satanist. Thanks for Asking

6: Religion Doesn’t Hold A Monopoly On Morality

7: I Think, Therefore I Am

8: Cockeyed Optimism

9: Resources

10: About the Author



Chapter 1: Introduction

This book is written to provide a quick overview of the philosophy of Humanism for the average Joe or Jane. I don’t care which actually because I’m a Humanist and I don’t judge people based on their gender or skin color or any other arbitrary characteristic. So, let’s revise that introductory statement. This book is for the average human, regardless of his or her name, who wants to learn more about Humanism.

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