It's all rust and pumpkin and lemon yellow. I don't like fall at all, not even with the foliage and the goldy-locks weather, so I'm going to start planning next spring's garden for morale. The back yard could use more flowers, especially of the late summer blooming.


September 21st - Fall equinox

Autumn darlings

The summer is officially over, both in the garden and on the calendar, we just passed he point when the day becomes shorter than the night. The light shifted, a soft but impossible to miss change that always precedes the beginning of fall.

As usual at the end of September I'm excited to welcome the stars of the fall garden, the toad lilies. I can't get over how understated and sophisticated these flowers are, both at the same time, you have to get really close to capture the charm of their northern orchid countenance.

Don't be deceived by their fragile appearance, under the right circumstances they are hardy low maintenance bulbs, performing very reliably in cool temperate climates, although they do resent wet winters and will not come back the spring after that.

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