“Yeah, I’m good Sarah. Just a little argument with my wife.”

She sat across from me. “Wow. I guess things really aren’t that great between you two. Want to talk about it?” She looked so sweet and earnest that I felt like I could trust her.

“Sure. But not right now. I’ve got too much work to do. How about I take a rain check.”

She nodded. “Sure. No problem.” She stood to leave but stopped. “Listen, about that dinner…do you think that it could just be the two of us?”

I was holding my documents and was forced to set them down as I took a long hard look at her. “Why is that?” I thought back to her floating eye and how she flirted with me over breakfast the morning of the party. We ended up not doing anything, which is fine. I just kind of figured that she just liked to watch. She watched me fuck my wife on this desk and she watched me shower. Hell, everyone’s got one or two kinks, right?

“Oh, nothing serious. Honest. I just thought I could pick your brain about marriage stuff. You know, this wedding is fast approaching and every once in a while I have second thoughts. I just thought that you would be someone I could be honest with and well, unlike Toni, you have experience being married. Besides…she already makes fun of me enough, I don’t want her to know too much about me.”

“Ah. Yeah, sometimes Toni can be a bit too much. Sure! It’ll just be the two of us. When are you thinking?”

“Well, Chris works late on Thursdays. How about this Thursday?”

“Okay sounds good. This Thursday it is.”

“So it’s a date?” She smiled friendly.

“It’s a date.” I nodded and waved as she happily trotted out of my office. However, when I looked back at my desk and the work that was piled up before me I quickly lost any and all sense of levity. “Fuck.”

It’s good to see you, Jake.” Amara looked like heaven in her forest green maxi-dress. Her jet-black curls were glossy and full. Her luscious lips made me immediately think about nibbling on them. She sat back in her chair with a note pad on her lap and her eyeglasses perched on the top of her head. Why in the world did she have to be so damn gorgeous?

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