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This story is about 3800 words.

He straightened his pants a little and shot a glance at her shorts.

"Something interesting?" she asked casually, sitting down next to him and crossing one leg over the other to give him a better view of just how short those shorts were.

He smiled uncomfortably for a moment and leaned in a bit.

"Not something, someone," he said quietly.

That was one thing about Ryuu: He had a natural boyish shyness that was often at odds with his desires. She figured that was why he hadn't been snapped up by some lucky girl in Tokyo yet.

"Interesting. How about you tell me more?" she said putting her hand on his muscular shoulder, feeling the firmness beneath his cotton shirt.

He smiled at the invitation and reached over to stroke her leg gently. It was an electrifying touch that sent shivers through her whole body. Two weeks! It was too long she decided.

Ryuu pulled at the fabric of her shorts and she smiled at him seductively. She was tired, but this was going in a direction that she wasn't willing to put the brakes on today.

He slid over on the couch and gently kissed her on the cheek as his hand reached down to the bottom of her t-shirt. She turned her head slightly and caught his mouth on hers. His lips were so soft, almost like a woman's. She gently kissed him at first, but as time seemed to slip into infinity, her kiss became more deep and passionate. Ryuu was probably the best kisser she'd ever had the honor of sharing a kiss with and he was really on form tonight.

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