God paints the love into a couple's picture. He provides the enhancement for their decision to come together. He makes it necessary. He makes it desirable. He makes it what seems at times unbearable to live without.

When she is hanging on every word out of his mouth it is because God has drawn a deep batch of love, Himself, into the situation and drizzled it all over the place. He is not that interesting. Her friends do not see what she sees in him. But God has given her eyes of love to see him through, which opens up a picture that includes both of them conquering the world.

The same goes for him. He's telling everyone he has married the most beautiful girl in the world. She's not the most beautiful girl in the world. She laughs with a squeaky voice and she has one ear that hangs lower than the other. But because God had filled him with Himself, love, he sees her as perfect. Her squeaky laugh draws him into her mystery and her one lower ear is a priceless treasure that only she can offer to him.

Together they live in a world of love that they chose and God helped them paint. They sat and worked out their picture of what marriage was supposed to look like. They got close enough for God to delight in their ways and throw in His two cents. Love flows and no one knows where it came from.

Some may claim to be in love even before marriage. Is this possible? Sure. Marriage does not start at some ceremony or licensing agency. Marriage starts at the time when two people start to imagine their lives together. They may be teenagers betrothed to each other and waiting until after college to start their life together. They may be a couple who met through a dating service two months ago and their discussions have been all about painting this picture of their life together from that day forward.

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