Never assume that if your partner’s interest in you seems diminished, it is someone else who shares that interest. It could be you who have downgraded the interest shown to you previously.

Engage your partner in the most effective way you know; if there is a noticeable change in their behavior. Never forget that one of the most important persons in your life should be your partner. If there is a change in that status, without hesitation seek counselling or divine guidance: your life will be more meaningful.

Never create the situation that during the twilight of your life, despite your economic viability, you are one miserable, lonely human being. Considering there are seven billion of us, that must be a chilling thought. Your longevity should be cherished and not be a millstone around your neck. Be grateful for the gift of life, waste no time in self-pity and narcissism. Living without another human being sharing your life was never a divine intention. Do not question that or any intention of a divine nature.

My own behavior comes into question, having professed my love for Elaine, which was reciprocated. I did not offer to marry her, knowing she would not refuse. Despite the fact, I encouraged living together and having a child out of wedlock, I did not discourage her from migrating, offered her no alternative to stay knowing she risked her life during her pregnancy and her health would not improve over time. I should have shown more sensitivity and parented our child together, and most of all I was aware that her life span was within fifty years. My actions were indeed despicable for which I have sought redemption.


Behave in a dignified, honest, humble, respectful, truthful way and be exemplary in your daily life, and the world will be yours, everyone will be clamoring to be your friend.

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