No. I visited Ala.”

You mean the dream god,” Keji said cutting in.

Yes. He took me to the Kumi forest.” I replied shuddering in remembrance of the grotesque looking trees. My eyes widen and focused on Iku. “There were death dealers there! Uncle your realm must be frightening.”

I always liked Ala.” Iku replied his smile twisting into something sinister.

What did he say?” Keji asked.

He showed me Zadar’s nightmare.” I said slowly trying to recall the dream. There was no point in telling them about my own.

This is good. He fears.” Keji mulled aloud.

It was strange. It was an image of Aunt Kil. But why does he fear war?” I asked. I knew I was forgetting something very important.

Was that it?” Iku asked.

No. There was something more. I’m trying to remember. He said when the moon flees the mortal realm, he will create a path for us to reach Aunt Kiluka.”

But what about Toya.”

Remember, Aunt Kil knows where she is. It’s the only reason she’s playing Zadar’s game.” I said reminding Keji of our previous conversation. “But I don’t understand. What does he mean when the moon flees the mortal realm?”

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