I would assume the sheets have also been changed since then,” I say.

The wit of my repartee rates no notice by Lightfoot.

I was told the three of them rode horses the ten miles out to the reservation afterward and made it back for afternoon tea,” Jeff says. “I asked my grandfather if he remembered anyone like that showing up around that time and he said he did recall three folks who fit the general description coming out to the reservation one afternoon back in those days, but he couldn’t say it was them for sure. I ran across a picture of Gene Autry in a magazine a couple of months later and showed it to grandpa. He said the guy sure looked familiar all right, but he couldn't say it was him he saw.”

There’s always that possibility.”

Could be so. Anyway, like I said, Carole’s room has the best bed now, but there’s no Jacuzzi. I guess a woman like that wouldn’t need one.”

I would think the opposite might be true.”

Maybe so,” Lightfoot says, “but I suppose there were plenty of Jacuzzis between them to go around.”

That makes sense,” I say.

I don’t ask Lightfoot how he knows these things or who his ‘reliable source’ might be when it came to the goings on of Carole Lombard and Gene Autry and Tom Mix. It has become apparent Jeff should only be asked questions by those with unlimited time on their hands.

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