“My apologies if I have disturbed you Senior Braun.” Dovizi began hoping Braun would recognize him.

“Cardinal Dovizi. What a delightful surprise. It’s been a while since we last talked ... Hope you are well.” Braun knew Dovizi well.

The Cardinal’s distinctive Italian accent and aging voice placing him among a few of Braun’s close circle of friends.

“I am well thank you for asking… As are you I hope? How is Augustus?”

“I am well… Though the years are catching up... Augustus is well. Too much energy for me to keep up I’m afraid … You bring me good news my friend?” Braun came to the point. Intrigued by the surprised call from his Vatican informant.

“I might have news that would interest you Senior Braun.” Dovizi began.

“Go on... You have my attention my friend.”

“There has been a recent discovery of a Ring … The first of its kind … Saint Peter’s Ring.” Dovizi waited for Braun to respond.

A silence fell over Braun as he registered the relic’s importance. He had known of the Fisherman’s Ring. Unaware Saint Peter ever having one. A chill ran over his body at the thought that Christ Himself had given the Disciple Peter a Ring. Bestowing him with the Keys of Heaven. Braun held several questionable relics. Nails from Christ’s crucifixion. A sliver of wood from the cross itself. Saint Peter’s Ring would be second only to the Holy Grail.

“Tell me more.” Braun spoke restraining the flame of desire that burnt inside him.

“Cardinal Cassini has been charged with its return… There is a son that will lead us to his father. And to the Ring … I will know more by the end of the day.” Dovizi warned.

Cassini’s name always arose fear in Relic Collectors minds. None less so than Braun’s.

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