“Good morning Aunty.” Phil affectionately. “My mother asked me to give you this.” Offering a cutting of an unknown specimen.

“Why that’s lovely Phillip. Tell you Mother thank you very much. Just put it down over there.” Aunty replied pointing to an old newspaper on top of a box in the corner.

“She told me you have a lovely garden. I would so like to see it before I headed off with Arthur.” Asked Phil sounding slightly awkward.

“Oh the garden is a bit of a mess at the moment. I’ve just pulled much of it out, there isn’t much left to see really ... Not until next spring.” Responded Aunty. And spoiling Arthur’s plans to distract her.

Arthur watched on in shock as his strategy fell apart. His mind went blank, there was no plan B. Just plan Phil. Meanwhile Phil was thinking he had been shot down again, by Arthur’s Aunt of all people. Then as any unpredictable regulation issue Aunt would ask.

“Be a dear help me carry the washing basket out back for me. The clothes won’t hang themselves”.

“Yes of course. I would love to.” A relieved Phil replied looking over his shoulder to Arthur who had a growing smile on his face and shaking his head in disbelief.

“You’re a sweet boy aren’t you?” said Arthur’s Aunt as if Phil was still ten years old. And Phil followed her to the clothes line in the back yard. Leaning his head to Arthur suggesting he should get moving and retrieve the contents of the box.

Arthur went to the Attic ceiling door, pulled down the stairs and quickly climbed to the attic. Sunlight streamed through the grills of the vent to provide dim visibility. Through the grills of the vent he could see his Aunt and Phil below chatting and hanging up the washing. No time to stand around he thought. Arthur found the box and quickly untied the knot and opened the box again. No surprises this time. He pulled out the gun. It felt heavy. Was it loaded? Arthur could not tell and would have to assume it was. Phil may know. He was gun savvy. But he was also supposed to be women savvy too. Doubts crisscrossed Arthur’s mind. Carefully placing the gun in the duffle bag he had brought up with him. Soon followed the wads of cash.

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