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A: Get Ready (pre-college/ exploratory/supportive)

A.1: What Do You Like? What Do You Want to Be?

Personality Tests and Quizzes
Career Search Sites

A.2: College Search Services

Box: Online vs. For-Profit Colleges

A.3: Professional Licenses and Certification Programs

A.4 Alternative Programs for Pre-College or non-College Learners

Adult Basic Education
High Schoolers

B: Finish Line (some college/ college completion/ college credits / alternative college programs)

Box: Tips on Getting College Credit for Prior Learning

B.1 College Credit Services

BOX: 7 Ways to Earn College Credit Without Taking A College Class
BOX: 7 Ways to LEARN College Material for College Credit Without Taking a College Class

B.2 On-Ramps to College

B.3 For Returning Champions (College Completion)

B.4 Design Your Own Learning

C: Open World (non-accredited, open learning, professional networks)

C.1 Open Content

C.2 Open Social Learning

C.3 Open Learning Institutions

Box: Dan Diebolt’s independent learning methods.

C.4 Open Ed Startups

C.5 Reputation Networks


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