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The Camping Handbook

Pop Up Trailer

Larry R. Cole

Copyright 2011by Larry Cole

Smashwords Edition

What is a pop-up? In real simple terms, a pop-up is a tent build on a trailer, it is a lot more than this, but this will give you the idea. In the two pictures above, the first being about a 20-foot trailer when fully the second trailer is a 26-foot fully opened. We will work with these two trailers to show you the difference and the different equipment required to tow these trailers.
Let's start out with some terms that you would need to know before you can tow a trailer.

The first one: dry hitch weight or trailer Ball load

Ball Load is the amount of weight the fully loaded trailer imposes (vertically) on the tow bar of the tow vehicle. This will become very important as you talk about the different vehicles and tow hitch. Gross vehicle weight Rating (GVWR) Web source:

Vehicle handbooks generally provide the following information:

The maximum weight of the trailer, without brakes, that can be, towed by the vehicle, the maximum weight of a trailer with brakes that can be towed by the vehicle, the maximum tow ball load, and any conditions relating to towing or additional equipment required. Web source:

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