Down in the secret CIA lab the mind control experiments were coming along nicely. CIA agent Helen Riggs stood with her arms folded looking through the plexiglass window at the huge Rottweiler simply known as Dog D. It had not worked out so well for Dogs A, B and C but now with Dog D it was different. They had projected the words from the device into the dog's head to see if it would obey orders-and it had worked! The dog had fetched, begged and sat just as directed. Finally, the technology was here to mind control other beings. Oh wait until this could be tested out in the field on humans!

Riggs laughed and tapped on the glass.

"You have been a great servant to your country Dog D."

"Thank you. I consider myself a patriot. Now you can return the favour and be a servant to my big red dog dick."

"Who said that?" But there was nobody else about. It was like the voice had been in her head. Almost as if the dog had...

Riggs screamed as Dog D came crashing through the window, his two hundred pound bestial frame smashing thought the plexiglass barrier and landing with an almighty thud right in front of her among the window's remnants. He snarled up at her, raining a mass of drool onto the floor, his thick lips peeled back to reveal an army of dagger like teeth and bright pink gums.

Riggs made to go for the emergency button, but then came the voice in her head.

"You don't want to touch the emergency button. You want to stay here and give me that hot pussy. You know I've never had a CIA bitch's pussy? Of course, being a dog, I haven't actually had any human pussy yet, but hey, we should always be looking to expand our horizons shouldn't we?"

Riggs stood where she was, her body a slave to this alien voice in her head-it had complete mastery over her. She knew what was happening. Somehow the process had gone wrong and Dog D now actually possessed the mind control powers that he was supposed to be the subject of.

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