Author's note: All characters eighteen or over.

Having escaped from the CIA lab where his mind control powers were created in an experiment gone wrong, Dog Diabolical roamed the streets, the two hundred pound slavering Rottweiler without an owner gathering some strange looks from passers by.

Now free and imbued with the power of mind control Dog Diabolical wondered what to do with his new found abilities. When he thought about it there was really only one course of action-inflict as much sexual humiliation on humans as possible for performing experiments on him. So who would be first?

Just then he walked by a college where he could see there were lots of fresh and pretty looking young women wandering about. It occurred to him that fucking a virgin would be so much fun.

So there was Nicole in her room working on her assignment, when a huge Rottweiler crashed the door down and came bounding into the room, slavering and growling right at her.

"Oh my god", she jumped up from her chair, "get...get the hell out of here you filthy..."

"Hi Nicole". What was that voice in her head? "I know that you are still a virgin. I'm here to tell you that you are going to give that fresh pussy to me. Today is your big day Nicole. It's time to grow up and learn about the birds and the bees, or in this case, the dog and the human. I have a nice big red doggy cock to pulverise that nice little cunny of yours. It's still covered in the pussy juice of a CIA bitch I fucked not long ago, so we won't need any lube. Oh by the way, I can control your mind, so that's the voice you hear in your head. Now, you will give me that virgin cunt. Is that understood?"

"Yes I understand", replied Nicole, feeling compelled to obey the voice. "My virgin cunt is all yours."

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