- Jackson Pollock, 1950

“It's the sort of thing we thought went out of fashion years ago. But for some people, it seems, the apocalypse just never knows when to stop.”

- The Invisibles, Vol. 2, #6, Grant Morrison

* * *

#1: In Which the Mayor Readies for War

Montoya looked positively stunning. His mocha skin glowed under the lights, the sweat beads at the edge of his scalp like a crystal crown. Up went his long arm, out to the hazy air, up went the hosannahs of the crowd.

“The mayor’s an appeaser, folks. It’s been how many years since we had an honest job creator in office? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you who’s doing real well—Scatelli and his labor union. Sure enough!”

The audience shrieked.

Construction’s the only piece making any headway these days, but they’ve got their work cut out for them, don’t they? Oh yes, we’ve got more excitement in this town than we know what to do with—and I see it crumbling down. First we lose the Hub cities, now we lose a library—a historic library—we lose a school, the theatre, a distinguished corporate landmark. When’s it going to stop? They say the mayor’s got friends in high places. I don’t know...

“As a city council member, I saw to it that we negotiated zoning requirements to twenty-first century levels. Because I believe in progress. Hierophant Tower is a prime example of that engineering prowess. Some of us still remember when the Big One hit and the government nearly condemned the whole city. But we didn’t leave. Even when the film industry left Burbank, we grew, and block by block we put the pieces back together, into something even richer than before.” He paused for a heavy moment. The local economy can bounce back, folks, but only if we nurture it. Entrepreneurs don’t want to come here. Business developers, job creators, innovative industries, they’re running to NorCal.

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