However, today we see a difference. She no longer remembers this man or that woman. She hails and praises a generation of men and women that saw a future as never before seen, that had a vision larger than History itself. A man of our great generation once said, “We may not be geniuses, you and I; we may not be the best of the best or the highest of social classes. But for our part, we had a vision. To see a galaxy, nay a thousand such in a blink of the eye, surely this is a gift worthy of genius.”

He could have been speaking of us, of Generation 2K in the years and steps we have taken to shape the fortunes of this planet. We entered this world in the last decade of a century fraught with turmoil, and a millennium of unparalleled changes and with us we brought something She had caught only glimpses of in bygone years. What was it? Vision. Ambition. Optimism. But perhaps most of all, faith. Not just faith in God above and not simply faith in the system or the social order of the righteousness of one’s personal endeavors, but an unquenchable faith in one another, an unequivocal belief in camaraderie, an insatiable thirst for progressive knowledge, and an unrivalled passion for the universal well-being and enlightenment of mankind in its entirety.

We. If I could say that the afore-mentioned successes of our generation were attributed to anyone else, I would lay to rest the grace of my task and permit one to say otherwise. And with all certainty, She would laugh silently and continue unaltered.

They used to say that “we” threatened “I”, and without “I”, thought and innovation were impossible. We showed them otherwise. We proved that collective knowledge is far more intellectual and effective than an isolated and dissimilated idea. They said war was a necessary evil, a natural extension of law and policy. We proved otherwise. Today the world is treading a new, unprecedented path of global unification on all fronts economic, political, and social. Today we have shown that war is the lesser expression of a greater ideal. Universal education, ubiquitous healthcare, and devotion to such humanitarian acts as ridding the world of poverty and spreading the vaccines for preventable illnesses as acts of selflessness in favor of the well-being of every member of the human race is the greater expression of mankind’s divine right and purpose. Thus we have proven.

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