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All entries, unless otherwise specified, first appeared on Red Haircrow’s website/blog, “Songs of the Universal Vagabond” beginning 2010. The crow intro photo is a public domain clipart, but all other photos within this collection were taken by and are copyright to Red Haircrow.

Author’s Note:

A very special, heartfelt thanks to all the many wonderful people across the world I’ve met through the years, some of whom I never knew their names, where they came from or where they ultimately went. You helped me learn things about myself and the universe I might never have without your insight and unique perspectives. You’ll always be with me.

* * * *

To all...

This is a collection of writing, essays and articles on the subjects of dream interpretation, intercultural observation and the power of memory and emotion. From Native American author and resident of Germany, Red Haircrow's "Songs of the Universal Vagabond" is a diverse look at a variety of subjects from the perspective of one person's journey through life.

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