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This is an account of my experience with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout and Mira Coluccio at Davies medical center.

Trinity Rose

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The above photo is of me being freaked out while Mira is explaining to Dr. O about my chin Problems and I'm stting there scared to death about the composer of Dr. O's face as Mira told him my chin had been moving around not more then two weeks after surgery.

Updated 5-27-2005

On April 8, 2004 I had facial feminization surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout M.D., D.D.S. in San Francisco, CA.
As most transsexuals I heard of Douglas K. Ousterhout, M.D., D.D.S. through the internet by browsing the web on TG related issues. Like other transsexuals, I became interested in his facial feminization surgery (FFS) and what he could do with the male face to transform it to a female shape. So I was thinking about having facial feminization surgery for a few years as I was learning about transitioning.

I joined a group dealing with surgeries of that nature, so that I could research some of his work on other people and spent some time there while reading up about his surgeries from other people’s postings. I talked with some other women who had facial feminization surgery with him and was advised by them that he was a great surgeon and their surgeries went well. I also talked with a beautiful woman that had surgery with him and had problems with her nose and chin after having the works in pieces and she had to have it corrected with another surgeon after Dr. Ousterhout tried to fix her problem with a revision. I personally thought it was an isolated case and I would be fine if I had surgery with him. I had my first meeting with Dr. Ousterhout and Mira Coluccio on Dec. 01, 2003 for my consultation with Dr. Ousterhout. Mira and me made some small talk while he was running late with another consult.

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