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I met with Dr. Ousterhout for about 15 minutes. He took a look at my face and measured my chin and told me the vertical height of my chin was too high and I would need a sliding genioplasty to reduce the height and some light jaw tapering to round the jaw just a little and I agreed. I advised him that I wanted to retain the current length of my chin and he agreed that the length was fine. I also said that I would like to have the chin come to a sharper point and he thought he could do that, but he also said that he would like to take some vertical height from the chin. He said that I would need a scalp advancement and would need to have a reconstruction of the forehead since the frontal sinuses are large, which is known as a type 3 forehead. He said I would need a rhinoplasty and I said that I would be grateful if he could give me what I call a ski slope nose with an upturned tip. He also recommended a thyroid cartilage reduction. He said I would not need an upper lip reduction. I asked if there were any problems with me having my surgery done in stages, a few things at a time, and he told me “no there is not a problem doing it that way.” He advised me that many of his girls have facial feminization surgery done in stages. He said that I had great cheekbones and very long eyelashes that women would die for. He said that I had a pretty face and he could improve on it a great deal with the procedures he would like to complete. He added his tagline that he does not promise to make me beautiful, but he can make me feminine. And what he wants me to get from his surgeries is to be able to walk to the door with no make up on to answer the door bell, and say it’s a delivery person, and when they see me with no makeup on my face, they will say “mam” to me even with no makeup on. From people I talked with before surgery this was the same thing that he has told them during their consult or something very similar. Mira gave me an updated statement for the cost of the procedures.

That's pretty much what he said in the letter he sent me regarding the photos I emailed him, except before the upper lip lift was listed and it did not include any personal comments about my face. I told Mira that I would think about it and also asked about how far out are their surgery dates for scheduling and she wrote some dates down on the new estimate she also wrote me which removed the lip lift. She said that I had a pretty face and was looking forward to seeing what I would look like with what Doug would like to do. So the consult went well and I went home.

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