When a forest-seeking warrior-monk discovers his master slain, he sets out to punish the perpetrators. On the way, he is inhibited by an unforeseen force . . . a seductive sorceress who has other plans for him. Can the warrior outwit her charms?


Chris Turner

Copyright 2011 Chris Turner

Cover Design: Chris Turner

Published by Innersky Books at Smashwords

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in these stories are either fictitious or are used fictitiously.

Enchantress of Rurne


In the evening’s gloaming, Taar glanced furtively over his shoulder. The tall, fern-like trees were like witches’ broomsticks pointed to the night sky; the terrain, over which the stars were just starting to show their frosty glare, was unfamiliar. Dark forests and musky lowlands, so unlike his native Jinjan sprawled everywhere. Jinjan—so pleasantly graced with rolling hills, golden countryside and glistening peaks on an aquamarine horizon, seemed very far away.

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