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Water: A Global Catastrophe


Erik Cain

Copyright 2011 by Erik Cain

Chapter 1

A Parched Introduction

3.8 billion years ago before life was able to get a foothold on earth, during the Hadean Period the planet was a hot inhabitable place, high concentrations of sulfuric acids along with nitrogen saturated the water and atmosphere. Through volcanic eruptions and constant bombardment of meteors and space debris, steam and water molecules formed and were released into the atmosphere forming life giving clouds. This process occurred for millions of years until a stable atmosphere was established and a stable reliable water cycle was formed. This water cycle was essential to sustaining life, this water cycle along with other chemicals such as ammonia and carbon, as well as electricity from lightning storms combined with this primordial soup which kick started a process of abiogenesis (starting life from inorganic materials) this is how life begun 3.8 billion years ago.

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