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Vilorian Sunrise

Head Without a Crown

E.M. Popal

Copyright 2011 by E.M. Popal

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

A hard landing

At long last it was time to land. The sounds of the gushing air screech as the vessel descends on the bright blue super-Earth. He holds onto his restraints and thinks happy thoughts while his stomach ascends to his lungs. The thoughts of him being a hero are all but consuming him. He has done it; he has found a habitable planet for future colonization. Boom! The spaceship finally lands, near the coastline of a continent completely unknown to him. Captain Dorian removes his restraints and gathers his equipment for a venture outside. In his full space suit on; he ventures on to the planet and stares at the beautiful sunset. It wasn’t like anything he’s ever seen before on Earth. It was a dark orange. The planet’s star was a red dwarf and easy on the eye. He could stare at that star without any pain on his retinas.

He thought enough with the sight seeing, time for some work and cranked out his atmospheric sensors. The planet contained an unusually high amount of oxygen and something the sensor could not identify. The air was saturated with about five percent of a substance not found on Earth; this substance Dorian thought to himself could be called ether. Dorian being one for risk decided to open up his helmet and take a breath. The air was invigorating; being trapped in a hyperbolic chamber for the past forty years left Dorian longing for fresh air. He decided he needed to explore before setting off the beacon. The first portion of his mission was to establish the world as a habitat suited for humanity. He took off his space suit and changed his clothes to cooler ones. His suit felt remarkably light, in fact his whole body felt light even though this planet’s gravity was greater than Earth’s.

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