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This story is about 1500 words.

He landed with massive force on the cracked plain of the underworld. Monsters of all kinds and descriptions stood to witness the might of the one they thought never to see in their lives, which stretched outward into eternity. The ground shattered into a million cracked pieces and dirt flew to either side of him. The power of his fall was such that a small crater with two large foot prints in the center was created.

He sprung into the air, knowing what would come next. The monsters jumped at him and he passed over their heads, throwing a hail of lightning down on them. The hell plains reduced his power somewhat as he was without a corporal body to focus his energy and draw more from the well of nightmarish blackness from where all of the evil energies of the world sprung from.

Creatures sizzled and fell to the ground as he passed over them and dropped to the ground to turn and summon more energy again to push forward off the ground and into the mob of 1000 or more creatures looking to have the chance to feed off one of the mighty.

As he flew he summon two massive scythes of the wicked soul metal that he could form from the black armor that was, in truth, his own hardened skin, molded to appear like the armor the human knights wore during times of strife.

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