What Others are Saying about If I gave you God’s Phone number….

“Mare Cromwell's book offers the reader what only the best books offer--windows into the most authentic reaches of the soul. Her conscientious selection of interview subjects, and her deft questioning, which presses them to go deeper and deeper, is what lends the book its striking range. I can guarantee that reading this book will enrich your view of spiritual life--in all its radiant variety--forever.”

Christopher Noel, author of In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing – A Geography of Grief, and other titles, www.christophernoel.info

“Imagine having toll-free access to God with no busy signals, no voice mail, and the Boss was always in. What would you want to know? The provocative question will resonate and your answer will continue to evolve long after you've turned the last page in Mare Cromwell's intriguing and enlightening If I gave you God's Phone Number….

Allegra Bennett, author of Renovating Woman and When a Woman Takes an Axe to the Wall

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