"Parchment of Passion: Lissette"

By A.H. Scott

Copyright 2011 A.H. Scott

Published by A.H. Scott at Smashwords

Parchment Of Passion: Lissette


A.H. Scott

Lissette always prided herself on being polite. It was a trait, which led her into a journey of self-discovery.

Men of a certain persuasion were always drawn to the charming Lissette. One of which would change her life forever.

When Lissette received a telephone call from the hospital that Sunday morning, she knew the news wouldn't be good. Having just returned home from visiting a patient within the last hour, a sudden sense of relief came over her.

Finishing the phone call, Lissette placed the receiver down slowly. She sighed and ran those manicured fingers through her auburn mane.

Her slender frame walked over to an oak table and opened a drawer. Picking out a small handful of items, she thought about him.

Twenty years her senior, this man of distinction and élan transformed a gentlewoman into a poised object of perfection.

When they first met, he was the one who saw the potential within her. His gray hair always reminded this younger lover of a fluffy cloud of snow.

Yet, even though this man was years older than Lissette, his capabilities were parallel to men many decades his junior.

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