Trallis the Warrior


The Sword of Unimaginable Power

By Jack Thomas

Published at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Jack Thomas

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In a little cottage in a little clearing roughly in the middle of the Glephdronious Woods on the far western side of the land of Glim, there lived a man. But this was no ordinary man—nooooo-ho-ho… This was a man of a great many virtues. He was a man of strength, with more battles under his belt than waistband; a man of courage, who had slain more fearsome beasts than the Fearsomebeastluenza (F2B1) epidemic of 9634276; a man of compassion, who had saved more lives than the invention of the railing; and really, just an all around great guy. And as he rose from his bed on this particular day he could tell that something was different—that indeed this day was as out-of-the-ordinary as he was himself. As he flung open his front door he could sense with his keen intuition (there’s another one; write that down) that this day was not only abnormal, but in fact altogether special; the birds sang of heroism, the air tingled with the vivid aroma of high fantasy, the very earth reeked of EPIC! (The smell of bacon grease from breakfast was also heavily present.) The sheer uniqueness of this day seemed to creep into his every orifice, wriggling down past his many fine organs and tickling that special little part of him (perhaps some sort of gland, or possibly a nerve cluster) that had grown so accustomed to being tickled in such a fashion. After inhaling an inhumanly large gulp of fresh, bacony forest air, he immediately turned and locked his door, hiding his key cleverly under a nearby rock. (He was a man of cunning, too; don’t forget that one). He would not return to his home for an amount of time known only to the wind and Knows When You’re Gonna Return Home McRimpers, over in Fratrat, because for all his virtues and qualities and attributes and whatnot, Trallis was, above all, a man of adventure!

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