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Finally, Jake smiled and gave the cameras a little wave. I took his cue and smiled along. A few of Jake’s fans came running up: three teenage girls and one super cute little old lady wanting an autograph for her granddaughter. The three girls even knew who I was and, I’m sure just out of courtesy, they asked for my autograph too.

Several minutes later, I cleared customs and Jake was free to go, since he wasn’t allowed past security. We tried not to, but there was absolutely no privacy, so we gave the press a little something to run in tomorrow’s paper when Jake kissed me goodbye.

“See you in a month,” he said as he walked away, his hand lingering on mine for a few seconds.

I nodded to him. I was surprised that I had to fight back a tear or two.

I continued past security and off to the gate.

The waiting proved to be a lot more difficult that I had expected. The corner of the confidential envelope was peeking out, just a little, from my bag. I tried not to think about it. I got up for a coffee. I took a trip to the bathroom. I chatted a little with the lady sitting next to me. After what seemed like an eternity, they finally called my flight number.

I jumped up, first in line, and I headed down the narrow hall to board my plane, the envelope clutched tightly in my hand.

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