"…I can't gush enough about this book!...Master Of Crows is a lush, enthralling tale I'll read again and again!..."The deep and darkly sexy Silhara is one of my favorite heroes ever! Every time I eat an orange, I think of him with a sigh…Martise is everything you could hope for in a heroine."

Robin L. Rotham

Author of Alien Overnight


... Martise sucked in a sharp breath, enthralled by her first sight of the Master of Crows.

A living flame in the begrimed room, he burned with a cold, still fire. Long scarlet robes swirled around his ankles like bloodied smoke. Taller than most men and lean, he wore his black hair in a tight braid that fell over his shoulder. The severe style accentuated a sun-burnished face neither handsome nor kind but carved from the same rock strewn across the courtyard. His black eyes and aquiline nose reminded her of those Kurman nomads she’d sometimes seen in the markets, selling their rugs and weaponry. Her belly tightened in dread as he gazed at her and Cumbria with sloe-eyed malevolence.

"I see you didn't get lost. A pity…"

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